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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

Security Concerns Still Dog M-Commerce – Feb. 14, 2013

Security Concerns Still Dog M-Commerce 

Feb. 14, 2013

Nearly a third of British consumers (29 percent) will remain tethered to their PCs because they don’t trust the security on smartphones and tablets for online shopping, according to a recent report from bss digital. The U.K.-based digital agency said the fact so many shoppers research products on a mobile device before buying them on a PC (25 percent) indicates a lost opportunity for retailers, according to James Southgate, client services director at bss digital .

“From the time it takes a customer to look at their potential purchase on their handset and then later log on to a PC and purchase it they could easily have stumbled upon your competitor,” Southgate said. “That’s a sale lost.”

Current security concerns around mobile are reminiscent of the reluctance to use PCs when online shopping first emerged, Southgate noted. Merchants can demonstrate their commitment to mobile security, he said, by using the highest forms of encryption and familiar payment platforms like PayPal.

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