Samsung Pay to Move Online in 2016

Jan. 4, 2016

Samsung Pay to Move Online in 2016 Online payment is one major facet of a plan to expand Samsung Pay in 2016, according to a Reuters report. The mobile payment app, a competitor to Apple Pay that comes preloaded on some Samsung devices, has differentiated itself from other in-store mobile wallets by enabling contactless payments at the traditional swipe terminals already deployed at most merchants. While Apple Pay and other mobile wallets are accepting or plan to accept in-app payments, Samsung Pay’s Global Co-General Manager Thomas Ko said in an interview that online support is “coming soon,” pitting Samsung against PayPal and newer online payment methods like Visa Checkout.

In addition to trying to build an online audience for Samsung Pay, the device maker said it is expanding the number of handsets that will come with Samsung Pay capability from several of its most expensive models to more lower-priced models “within the next year.”