Samsung Pay Launches in Brazil

July 19, 2016

Samsung Pay Launches in Brazil Today, Samsung launched its contactless mobile payment solution, Samsung Pay, in Brazil. The company is launching in Brazil with some of the biggest issuers in the country including Banco do Brasil, Brasil Pré-Pagos, Caixa, Porto Seguro, and Santander. Samsung Pay works on Android devices and, unlike contactless mobile payment solutions that work using NFC to transmit payment details, enables in-store payments at traditional magstripe terminals . Earlier this year, a Samsung executive also leaked plans that the Korean device maker would enable Samsung Pay to be used as an online payment method . Apple, which kicked off the most recent mobile wallet surge nearly two years ago and has always been available online for apps, made a similar announcement last month. Brazil is the first market in South America to launch Samsung Pay. And, according to André Varga, product director of Samsung’s Mobile Devices Division in Brazil, the company is looking to expand into the rest of the region.

“We are extremely excited that Samsung Pay is now available in Brazil,” Varga said. “As the first market in South America to roll out our mobile payment service, Brazil will pave the way for the region’s adoption of Samsung Pay.”

In addition to Brazil, Samsung Pay is available in South Korea, the United States, China, Spain, Singapore, Australia and Puerto Rico.