Report: West Virginia Hospitable for CNP Fraudsters

March 2, 2015

Report: West Virginia Hospitable for CNP Fraudsters In a state-by-state comparison in the U.S., a new report found West Virginia topped the list for the highest percentage of residents who had been victimized by fraud and for the state with the most fake IP addresses used by fraudsters to perpetrate card-not-present fraud. Israeli antifraud technology provider Forter anonymized transaction data it has been analyzing for its U.S. clients and also found the state harboring the most fraudsters—based on the address the fraudulent goods were shipped to being in the same state as the IP address used by the fraudster making it very likely—is Texas.

In addition to victimization rates, rate of fake IP addresses and number of fraudsters in residence, Forter also examined what states received the most stolen goods (Florida). The company warned about drawing the wrong conclusions in each case. When measuring “receiving stolen goods,” for instance, the report cautioned that the stolen goods may not be staying in the Sunshine State for very long.

“Card details can be bought in the underworld of the Internet, no matter where the purchasers live,” the report said. “Therefore, if the fraudster wants to receive the items he ‘bought’ it will be crucial for him to be able to get them sent on to him, wherever he is in the world. For this reason, somewhere like Florida is a perfect shipping destination, because it’s a shipping hub, and so it’s easy to send the goods there initially, and then ship them on to their final destination.”