Report: Showrooming, Trust Still Top issues for Online Retailers

Nov. 3, 2014

Report: Showrooming, Trust Still Top issues for Online Retailers Showrooming and trust continue to be issues online mobile retailers must grapple with, according to a new report from Austin, Texas-based payment provider SecureNet. The survey, which polled 750 U.S. consumers, found overall more than half have used a mobile device to research a product while in the store. And, that number jumps to 72 percent for shoppers aged 30-44. A significant number (21 percent) reported they have purchased a product from their smartphone while browsing for the same item in a physical store. Again, this number rises to one third when only the 30-44 age group is considered.

Trust is still topmost in consumers’ mind, the survey also found. For younger consumers (18-44), secure checkout trailed only shipping cost as the most important factor affecting their decision to buy online. For shoppers over 45, it was the most important factor.

“With security at the top of the consumer’s mind, online retailers clearly need to overcome the trust barrier,” the authors wrote. “The latest security technology, including end-to-end encryption, tokenization at point-of-entry and predictive fraud tools, can go a long way if they’re integrated closely with the acceptance of payments. Retailers with the right tech in place may need to reconsider how they are communicating with their customers on the topic of security.”