Report: Online Retailers Focused on Mobile, Global Expansion

April 23, 2015

Report: Online Retailers Focused on Mobile, Global Expansion E-commerce retailers expect double-digit growth this year, and have identified mobile and global expansion as major areas of investment, according to a report from eBay Enterprise released yesterday. From a mobile perspective, many respondents identified mobile device optimization (54 percent) and mobile application development (46 percent) as new investment priorities, suggesting a significant number of companies had not invested in these technologies until now.

Cross-border e-commerce is on the minds of many e-commerce retailers, and the eBay report suggests most feel positively about how they are positioned for global expansion, especially in Asia. Nearly three-quarters of those polled believe they are “ahead of the curve” regarding global expansion. Retailers’ confidence apparently stems from their alliances with third-party experts. Forty-five percent of respondents reported working with technology partners to enable localization, 41 percent said they were working with service partners and the same number reported teaming with channel partners for distribution.