Report: New York Tops List of States with Most M-Commerce Fraud

Sept. 24, 2015

Report: New York Tops List of States with Most M-Commerce Fraud While the expected rise in e-commerce fraud due to an increasing number of U.S. merchants protecting the point of sale with EMV technology has been widely reported, the devices on which those fraud attacks will originate has not been explored as thoroughly. Israeli antifraud technology provider Forter this week shared some numbers that illuminate where e-commerce fraud originating on mobile devices is happening. Perhaps not surprisingly, according to Forter Chief Marketing Officer Bill Zielke, mobile fraud is centered around big population concentrations. The top five states where mobile attacks make up the highest percentage of card-not-present fraud attempts in Forter’s network are New York (39.3 percent), Maryland (27.7 percent), the District of Columbia (23.5 percent), California (22 percent) and Connecticut (21.5 percent). Not surprisingly, he noted, these regions encompass the metropolitan areas of New York City, Washington, D.C. and Los Angeles.

“Large cities and the seat of the federal government are simply more connected,” Zielke told “There are more mobile devices, more unsecure connections and more criminals on the lookout for local opportunities to steal. As a result, there’s an opportunity for greater fraudulent activity from an attack standpoint.”

Forter also calculated the states with the highest number of fraud attacks originating on mobile devices by device type. For Android devices, the five states with the most mobile fraud attacks are New York, California, Florida, Texas and Illinois. The top five for Apple devices is similar: New York, California, Florida, New Jersey and Texas.