Report: Mobile Accounted for 26% of Online Transactions in Q4 2014

Jan. 29, 2015

Report: Mobile Accounted for 26% of Online Transactions in Q4 2014 More than a quarter of global online transactions originated on a mobile device, according to a new report from e-commerce acquirer and processor Adyen. In its most recent quarterly Mobile Payments Index measuring activity in Q4 2014, Adyen found 26 percent of the online transactions it processed were performed on smartphones and tablets, the most since it began publishing the Index in June 2013. The fourth-quarter mobile number was 11 percent higher than the previous quarter and 37 percent more than Q4 2013.

Adyen attributed the growth in mobile transactions to global reach and an evolution in the devices themselves, according to Roelant Prins, chief commercial officer of Adyen.

“A large part of the growth we are seeing in mobile is due to retailers’ ability to offer mobile payment options in the majority of markets across the world and consumer preference to process transactions on mobile devices,” Prins told “The fact that devices are becoming easier to use for online transactions, due to the size of screens in many cases, is another influencing factor in the growth we are seeing.”

Adyen’s analysis of transactions across its network also found more mobile transactions are originating on smartphones (58 percent) versus tablets (42 percent) and that gap has widened since a year ago. Prins said the preference for smartphones in m-commerce has grown along with the increased availability of phones with larger screen sizes.