Report from NRF: 2015 E-Commerce to Hit $300 Billion, 10% of Total Retail Sales

Jan. 15, 2015

Report from NRF: 2015 E-Commerce to Hit $300 Billion, 10% of Total Retail Sales E-commerce will top $300 billion in the U.S. next year, accounting for 10 percent of total retail—the first time e-commerce sales have reached either of those milestones, according to Forrester Research, which presented the statistics during a Tuesday session at the National Retail Federation’s 104th annual convention in New York City.

In addition to top line forecasts, Forrester Principal Analyst Sucharita Mulpuru detailed what e-commerce retailers have identified as their top priorities for the coming year. Mobile and omnichannel initiatives topped the list, with 58 percent and 45 percent of retailers respectively naming them as the area to which they will devote the most time and resources in 2015.

“That is everything from responsive design implementations in your code base to improving your current app to mobile optimization for the mobile Web,” Mulpuru said.

Merchants said they are going to direct those mobile efforts toward the smartphone rather than tablets, but, Mulpuru noted that may be misleading as the differences between phones and tablets are no longer readily apparent.

“Tablets seem to be deprioritized. Not because they aren’t incredibly important—a significant percent of the conversion that does happen on mobile actually happens on those larger screens—but, in fact, because there is more of a convergence between the two devices,” she explained. “We sort of backed ourselves into a corner in the past few years by classifying everything as either a phone or a tablet, where some of the biggest areas of growth are in the ‘phablets,’ which are the larger phones, or in the mini tablets. That bucket gets a little bit merged and often they get counted in the smartphone bucket when the development may be more similar to a larger tablet.”