Report: Data Security, Omnichannel Top CIO Priorities for 2015

Feb. 23, 2015

Report: Data Security, Omnichannel Top CIO Priorities for 2015 Not surprisingly, a year of high-profile network security breaches has made data security the top priority for retail CIOs in 2015, according to a new report from the National Retail Federation. Ninety-seven percent of CIOs surveyed by Forrester Research for the NRF named it as one of their five most important priorities. Implementing omnichannel initiatives is also ranked highly on CIOs’ priority lists, with 76 percent of CIOs ranking it in their top five (up from 61 percent last year).

“With the role of the CIO evolving further as a company’s strategic technology innovation leader, the complexity of the business challenges cannot be lost – from data security to new digital customer experiences,” said NRF Vice President of Retail Technologies Tom Litchford. “Our study findings provide insight into the enormous accountabilities placed on the IT leader’s role, which will help C-suite retail executives collaborate more innovatively as they respond to everything from security issues to staying in step with their customers’ needs.”

IT departments will have to implement these priorities without huge increases in budget, however. Nearly a third of CIOs expect their 2015 budget to be flat and 34 percent an increase of less than 10 percent.