Rakuten Launches E-Commerce Research Labs in Boston, Singapore

July 30, 2015

Rakuten Launches E-Commerce Research Labs in Boston, Singapore Rakuten Inc., the parent company of the popular Japanese e-commerce marketplace, yesterday unveiled plans to open branches of the Rakuten Institute of Technology in Singapore and Boston. The organization, which now has five branches in four countries, is a collaborative effort between industry and academia to foster research for Internet technologies the company can use to advance global e-commerce.

The Boston team will focus on machine learning, deep learning and AI while the new facility in Singapore will examine psychology, behavioral science and mobile and social innovations. Applications in e-commerce for each of these areas of study abound. From a card-not-present payments perspective, machine learning, behavioral science and psychology are intimately entwined with e-commerce fraud and how companies can leverage them to fight it.

“Research will be carried out into Internet services that increase user satisfaction based on the expertise in these fields, the findings of which will be fed back to the businesses of the group in order to further improve the various services offered by Rakuten,” the company said in a statement.