Public Transportation in London to Accept Apple Pay

June 15, 2015

Public Transportation in London to Accept Apple Pay In the wake of Apple’s recent announcement that it will launch Apple Pay in Europe this July, Transport for London, the organization that manages public transportation in the city, said it will become the first public transport provider to accept the contactless mobile payment method. TfL has been accepting contactless payments on city buses since December 2012 and on Tube and rail since September of 2014.

“With around one in ten of all contactless transactions in the U.K. now taking place on our transport services in London, we are delighted to welcome Apple Pay as another new and convenient contactless way for our customers to pay for their travel,” said TfL’s director of Customer Experience, Shashi Verma. “I would encourage anyone who uses pay-as-you-go to try contactless.”

In addition to TfL, British Airways, Visa Europe and MasterCard all made announcements late last week touting the coming of Apple Pay in Europe.