PayPal Testing ‘Contextual Commerce’ Solution

Feb. 15, 2016

PayPal Testing ‘Contextual Commerce’ Solution On Thursday, only days after PayPal launched a consumer brand awareness campaign with an expensive Super Bowl ad, the company announced a beta test of a service that will enable merchants to sell in multiple “contexts.” The company is leveraging technology inherited from its first post-eBay acquisition—a company called Modest, whose platform enabled secure transactions directly from social media sites, email, blogs, articles, apps or “anywhere consumers are online or on their mobile devices,” according to Harper Reed, PayPal’s head of commerce.

PayPal Commerce will supply third-party developers with a set of APIs that will enable them to create customer-facing applications that engage a merchant’s customers beyond their online storefront.

“The explosion of mobile and the rise of the on-demand economy are now giving way to the next big shift in commerce: merchants and consumers connecting online anywhere in the contexts that they choose,” Harper said. “We continuously work to enable the newest and most seamless commerce experiences—and today we are excited to introduce the next evolution.”