‘Pay With Google’ to Allow Merchant Access to Google Payment Data

Alongside its recent e-commerce partnership with Walmart, a new Google service that could streamline the checkout process for consumers signals its increasingly deep involvement with card-not-present merchants.

Google plans to launch a service this month that will enable merchants to access its customers’ stored payment-card credentials to speed online checkout. Google has partnered with several payment processors (Vantiv, Braintree and Stripe, initially) whose merchant clients will be able to offer shoppers—even first-time visitors to their sites—streamlined checkout. Through an API, the processing partners will be able to fetch credit card and other information stored with Google and autofill checkout fields during online checkout.

Jack Connors, Google’s head of commerce partnerships, told the audience at a recent conference in Chicago the service, called Pay With Google, could have a significant impact on conversion. Google gathers payment-card information from hundreds of millions of users of services including Android Pay, the Google Play store, YouTube and others. Giving merchants the ability to harness that information to avoid forcing their customers to enter payment card details—especially on mobile devices—should increase conversion and enable more online sales for merchants, Connors said.

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