Omnichannel a Watchword for Gift Cards This Holiday Season

Nov. 19, 2015

Omnichannel a Watchword for Gift Cards This Holiday Season Gift cards have been one of the top gifts during the holiday season for many years, but the results of a new survey indicate that omnichannel capabilities around the card—in the way they are given, received and redeemed—is becoming increasingly important. The Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA) found nearly three quarters of U.S. consumers plan to give a gift card as a gift this holiday season and that gifters prize the flexibility of an omnichannel approach when giving them. Sixty-three percent of shoppers like having the option of giving a physical or egift card and 71 percent said it was important to them that the recipient had the option of redeeming the card either online or in stores. As for recipients, 37 percent said they will redeem in store and 15 percent will do so online, while 40 percent will use a combination.

“We are not surprised to find that most Americans will be buying [gift cards], and hoping to receive them this holiday season,” said Timm Walsh, board chairman of the RGCA. “We have seen an exploding adoption and awareness of digital options like eGifts and mobile wallets, and are fully expecting ever-evolving payments technology to continue to impact how consumers want to buy and redeem gift cards.”