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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

NorseCorp Integrates Payment with QuickBooks – Nov. 1, 2012

NorseCorp Integrates Payment with QuickBooks 

Nov. 1, 2012

NorseCorp, a St. Louis-based Internet security solutions provider, this week launched a service that enables companies to integrate their transaction processing with the popular accounting software QuickBooks. Instant Accept enables merchants that use QuickBooks to process and record any form of electronic payment without manually entering and importing transactions. When the company announced in September it had received $3.5 million in new financing, NorseCorp COO Skip Foss indicated one of the first things the cash infusion would support was the launch of Instant Accept.

“It’s an opportunity for anyone that uses QuickBooks to use any device they have at an enterprise level, individual level or mobile level to utilize without having to key in the information for payment,” Foss told at the time. “It will take the card swipe, ACH transaction, check reader, whatever, and populate the information directly into QuickBooks.”

The company said Instant Accept integrates with multiple payment gateways, including its own nGate and it also is developing an online reseller channel for processors to help them offer Instant Accept to their businesses and merchants.

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