New CyberSource Tool Enables ‘Back Testing’

Oct. 26, 2015

New CyberSource Tool Enables ‘Back Testing’ CyberSource, the Visa-owned technology provider, has released a new feature on its Decision Manager antifraud platform that enables online merchants to look back over previous transactions and see how—or if—altering the rules engine would have changed the decision regarding whether to accept or decline the transaction because of possible fraud. Decision Manager Replay allows fraud departments to test how setting more or less stringent risk levels could affect false positives or find more fraud.

“Merchants create rules and parameters in their fraud management systems that determine whether a transaction is accepted or denied, based on risk levels,” said Andre Machicao, senior vice president of CyberSource. “In some cases, the parameters they set might be overly cautious, causing them to lose legitimate, safe business unnecessarily. CyberSource’s new capability allows merchants to back test prior transactions to see what would have happened if they had set different rules.”