Neustar Leverages IP Analytics to Combat CNP Fraud

Oct. 20, 2014

Neustar Leverages IP Analytics to Combat CNP Fraud Neustar, a Sterling, Va.-based analytics firm, has launched a new solution to combat card-not-present fraud by generating two separate scores to evaluate potential malicious activity. The company said its IP Reputation solution employs a Real User Score based on IP address characteristics to distinguish humans from non-humans and extends that with a Risk Score that includes advanced risk analytics derived from modeling usage of IP addresses and fraudulent activity from other IP threat intelligence sources.

“It is important that companies use the most advanced technology to fight fraud and protect their consumers and their business, so we are pleased to deliver this solution to the market,” said Rupert Young, general manager of product for identification and verification solutions at Neustar. ”As fraudulent tactics become more sophisticated daily, platforms require multiple forms of advanced intelligence to mitigate risk. Neustar’s IP Reputation solution can cost effectively identify suspicious activity to help companies determine whether additional verification is required, deny a request or invalidate a click for all online transactions based on workflow rules.”