MasterCard Seeks Emotional Connection with Online Shoppers in TV Ads

Oct. 16, 2014

MasterCard Seeks Emotional Connection with Online Shoppers in TV Ads Companies trying to get consumers comfortable with using digital wallets to pay online or using a mobile device are taking their message directly to consumers in a way they haven’t before. Leaked videos indicate MasterCard, with the help of global advertising agency McCann, has developed a marketing campaign featuring three 30-second TV spots educating consumers about its MasterPass online payment product. Until recently, online and mobile payment products usually have not been marketed toward a mass audience and, when they have, said MasterCard, they have been presented with no appeal beyond the purely functional. The campaign, targeting online shoppers through digital advertising as well, will be guided by the tagline, “Fearlessly shop the world.”

“Until now, e-commerce payment tools have been pushed to consumers as something with functional but impersonal benefits,” according to a MasterCard spokesman. ”Working with McCann, MasterCard has approached the MasterPass campaign with a focus on the emotional connection that people have to technology and the way it interacts with their lives.”

Reports have painted the MasterCard campaign as a frontal assault against online payment provider PayPal, which used mass TV advertising as part of the rebranding effort it went through last spring . Interestingly, PayPal parent eBay, which has announced it will spin the payment company off as an independent entity from the e-commerce giant next year, this week announced its own consumer marketing campaign using the similar tagline, “Shop the World.”