Manual Reviews: Getting Your Hands Dirty – A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

Feb. 23, 2015

Manual Reviews: Getting Your Hands Dirty – A CNP Expo Session Spotlight Contrary to what some outside the industry may think, a fraudulent order is not lit up in neon, alerting a merchant that it should be canceled.  While tools and systems to identify fraud have advanced, manually reviewing a portion of orders likely will always be a necessary evil.  But, it can impede the customer experience when good orders are reviewed and also can suffer from human error if you don’t have a reliable process that all analysts follow. Several merchants have found ways to improve the effectiveness of their tools to reduce the amount of manual reviews necessary and to streamline the process making it more efficient and faster to ensure as little impact to the good customers as possible. 

At this 2015 CNP Expo panel discussion, several merchants will share their hard-won experience and help prevent you from making the same mistakes they did in their manual-review process. Attendees at this session will come away with actionable tips and tricks to apply to their own process from fraud Managers at eBay, Crutchfield Audio, Shopify and Microsoft. They’ll share how they’ve reduced and improved their manual-review process to maximize customer experience while also improving their overall fraud-prevention strategy.

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