Live Gamer Rebrands as Emergent Payments

June 4, 2015

Live Gamer Rebrands as Emergent Payments Live Gamer, a New York City-based e-commerce payments and advertising company on Tuesday relaunched under the new brand Emergent Payments. The company, which took its original name from the video game developers and publishers that comprised its early client list, said the new name reflects its focus on bringing payment solutions to all kinds of digital content providers around the world that want to sell in other parts of the world, especially in emerging markets. Getting payments right in other regions, however, can be complex, according to Andrew Schneider, co-founder and president of Emergent Payments.

“There is a significant opportunity for digital businesses in emerging markets — which closely mirrors the success of the digital gaming industry in being able to monetize on a global basis.” said Schneider. “Seizing this opportunity, however, is often more complicated than it seems. Credit cards are not the standard form of payment in many of these markets, and accepting local payments can be a complex undertaking, given local payment preferences, tax requirements, compliance, technical integration issues and other complications.  Emergent Payments is focused on removing these barriers of complexity.”