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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

LevelUp Aiming for Mobile Agnosticism – Sept. 7, 2012

LevelUp Aiming for Mobile Agnosticism 

Sept. 7, 2012

SCVNGR, the Boston-based provider of the LevelUp mobile payments app, yesterday introduced POS hardware it says will enable consumers to pay with their phones in any way. The new scanners, which enable the traditional LevelUp QR codes, now enable NFC contactless purchases as well. The company said the new hardware will ensure it is ready for the “proverbial fire” that will be lit under adoption of NFC technology if rumors of its inclusion in next week’s release of the iPhone 5 turn out to be true. When all is said and done, according to Seth Priebatsch, the company’s self-proclaimed “chief ninja,” when it comes to mobile payments, LevelUp will be method agnostic (up to and including the “Vulcan Mind Meld” which, the company’s press release playfully reported, SCVNGR’s engineers are working on).

“It’s always been super important to us to make LevelUp work for any and every consumer on the planet,” said Priebatsch. “Our goal is to have LevelUp be the universal way to pay with whatever phone you may have, at whatever place you may be, whatever carrier you’re on, whatever card you want to use and whatever technology you prefer. For us, that means being as open as possible to both consumer technologies and merchant point-of-sale systems to make the experience as simple as possible.”

The company has already garnered headlines this summer by raising more than $30 million and introducing a transaction-fee-free model for merchants using LevelUp.

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