Kount Secures Patents around Consumer Identification and Authentication

Late last week, antifraud technology provider Kount revealed it has secured two patents in the area of online and mobile payments. The technology described by the patents, which relate to collecting consumer information on click-through traffic and online authentication, could be incorporated in products and systems enabling businesses to gain better insight on their digital customer base.

The patent enabling the collection of a user’s click-through traffic will result in businesses amassing more contextual and behavioral information about customers that can be used to sort out legitimate users from fraudsters. The second patent covers technology used in what is known as behavioral analytics: authenticating a user by the way he or she uses a mobile or traditional Website.

“The addition of these two patents reinforces our ongoing commitment to developing comprehensive solutions for our customers so that they don’t have to rely on piecemeal technologies,” said Rich Stuppy, COO of Kount. “We look forward to continuing our research and growing our portfolio to keep our technology and customers ahead of fraud.”