Keynote Recap: How Effective Communication Makes Fraudsters and Fraud Fighters Better

On the second full day of the 2017 CNP Expo, a career law enforcement officer took the stage for the second installment of the “Cops and Robbers” keynote series. New Jersey native John Pizzuro called fraudsters “master communicators,” who use the full range of human communication to establish rapport with their targets. Pizzuro related the characteristics involved in establishing rapport and how members of the audience can leverage effective communication to achieve more success in their business and in their lives as easily as fraudsters can.

Pizzuro, currently leading a task force battling Internet crimes against children, has spent time investigating e-commerce fraud and is a certified fraud examiner. He said social engineering is one area where fraudsters are especially adept at using communication techniques such as backtracking.

“We don’t realize when someone is doing this to us because they seem to be taking a genuine interest in us. It’s used to build or maintain rapport,” he explained. “Backtracking is talking to people in a certain way. Good social engineers repeat words back to their targets, getting the person talking more about themselves and getting personal information that can be used to access passwords.”

Pizzuro will appear at a Q&A with yesterday’s keynote, former fraudster and hacker Brett Johnson. The two will be answering questions at a merchant-only session in Conference Room A at 8:15 a.m. tomorrow.