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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

iZettle Launches EMV-Compliant Mobile Card Acceptance – Feb. 22, 2013

iZettle Launches EMV-Compliant Mobile Card Acceptance 

Feb. 22, 2013

Mobile card acceptance technology provider iZettle this week launched its long-awaited EMV-compliant card reader. The Swedish company was one of the first to offer mobile card acceptance in Europe, but several competitors beat them to market with readers that accept Chip-and-PIN cards. iZettle’s reader connects to a mobile device via Bluetooth enabling mobile acceptance of all payment card brands, including Visa, with which the company had previous issues.

Jacob de Geer, co-founder and CEO of iZettle said: “After seeing a great demand and take up on our chip-and-signature solution, adding a chip-and-PIN reader to our product offering enables us to extend our target group of individuals and micro merchants to include businesses with higher transaction volumes.”

A new partnership, announced at the same time as the EMV capability, will provide iZettle with a significant sales channel. Banco Santander, one of the world’s largest financial institutions, will offer the iZettle solution to its small merchant clients seeking card-acceptance services.

“In Spain alone there are more than 1 million self-employed professionals and microcompanies that, due to the mobile nature of their business, need an option that is more flexible than conventional card terminals,” said Francisco Fernández Cué, head of payments at Banco Santander. “For Banco Santander it is a priority to help these businesses to grow and flourish. The bank is making use of new technologies and mobile devices to make its customers’ lives and work easier.”

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