Is This Seat Token? A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

April 6, 2015

Is This Seat Token? A CNP Expo Session Spotlight Sensational headlines screaming about data breaches—and focusing an unwanted spotlight on the breached company—along with the need for increased security have brought new attention to the necessity of tokenizing card-not-present transactions. Tokenization is the process of replacing sensitive data with a non-sensitive equivalent—a token—that has no standalone value. It also frees the merchant from storing credit-card numbers on its own servers, while also not passing the credit-card number through the transaction string, if the transaction is being made by a returning customer.

Visa and MasterCard have indicated that they will begin to require tokenization in coming years in order to ensure higher security for card-not-present transactions. Many experts have characterized these mandates as the equivalent for CNP merchants to implementing EMV at the POS. If your company does not currently employ tokenization as a security strategy, now is the time to start planning for this implementation.

At a hotly anticipated session of the CNP Expo this May, a panel of experts will discuss how tokenization works, important dates surrounding card-network mandates and how some merchants are using tokenization right now as a strategy for PCI compliance and to encourage repeat customers. Executives from JD Binder,, Bell & Howell, Omega Engineering and 3Delta Systems will discuss these topics during the session and will be on hand to answer any questions you may have about this solution.

Join this session and many more at the 2015 CNP Expo, May 18-21 in Orlando, Fla., where you will get 40 hours of professional training directly benefitting your business. Click here to register .