Is Bitcoin Viable as a Payment Method? A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

March 12, 2015

Is Bitcoin Viable as a Payment Method? A CNP Expo Session Spotlight Bitcoin. It’s been portrayed by some in the media as a disruptive force in online payments and by others as a flavor of the month, fit only for speculators. If merchants are to make an informed decision about accepting Bitcoin as an online payment method, they need answers. Is it a viable payment option? What does it take to begin accepting this payment method? What is the merchant exposure to risk? Is it different to accept Bitcoin for digital goods rather than physical goods? How should accounting record the sales? Have enough consumers adopted this payment method to increase sales?

All of these questions can be best answered by merchants who already accept Bitcoin and industry experts that have assisted them. At the 2015 CNP Expo, payments experts from Microsoft, Reeds Jewelers, and Bitnet will share their experience implementing and accepting bitcoin and share tips & tricks that will help other merchants decide if accepting this payment method makes sense. Should they decide it’s the right for their business, advice from those who have been there before will help ease the process.

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