Indian MBAs Choose E-Commerce

April 7, 2016

Indian MBAs Choose E-Commerce In yet another indicator that India could grow into one of the most attractive e-commerce markets in the world, a recent survey of the country’s top business school students—for the second year in a row—identified e-commerce as the most attractive sector for graduates. The Nielsen Campus Track Business School Survey in India found 30 percent of 2016 graduates named e-commerce as the industry in which they most wanted to find a job. Banking and finance, the top pick for U.S. MBAs, was a close second at 25 percent.

A huge population, substandard existing infrastructure in the physical retail world, robust growth in mobile penetration and the fact that the Indian government has finally turned its attention to clarifying rules around e-commerce, together are setting the stage for significant growth in Indian e-commerce .

“E-commerce retaining its No. 1 spot as the most preferred sector indicates how much of a foothold the sector has gained,” said Ajay Macaden, executive director at Nielsen India. “The nascency that was initially attached to e-commerce has long since disappeared, and today it has become a highly employable sector. Moreover, as the study found out, the opportunity to learn is also driving B-school graduates towards this space.”