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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

In-App Results Highlight Starbucks' Mobile Success – Jan. 25, 2016

In-App Results Highlight Starbucks’ Mobile Success

Jan. 25, 2016

In-App Results Continue Starbucks’ Mobile Success In September, when Starbucks introduced Mobile Order & Pay , enabling customers to order their coffee and pay for it through the Starbucks app, then pick it up at their preferred location, Chief Digital Officer Adam Brotman called it the “fastest technology application rollout we have ever done.”  In its Q1 2016 earnings call, the company reported the decision to take it to market quickly was the right one. In December, only three months after it was implemented nationwide, Mobile Order & Pay accounted for 6 million transactions. The company said at some of its busier locations during peak morning hours, the in-app service accounts for more than 10 percent of all transactions at those stores. And, the company plans to leverage the success to offer a true omnichannel experience for its mobile app users in four ways.

“The first is delivery,” said former Starbucks board member Kevin Johnson, who was appointed president and COO of the company on Friday. “We are extending Mobile Order & Pay to include a delivery option for customers. Pilots are underway in Seattle and New York City, and we are learning many new things that will help us shape the future of delivery. Number two, personalized offerings. We have invested in technology to help us better personalize the offers we make to our loyalty customers. This will strengthen our customer connection and fuel growth.”

Johnson also noted it will deploy its digital capability in more global markets and it will integrate digital media opportunities like the one announced this week with online streaming service Spotify.

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