Fraudsters are Making Their Lists and Checking Them Twice

Nov. 25, 2015

Fraudsters are Making Their Lists and Checking Them Twice Heading into the holidays, merchants got a good look at the items that topped the shopping lists of fraudsters everywhere, courtesy of antifraud technology provider Forter. The Israeli company analyzed the most recent six months’ worth of transactions running across its network and found the most popular items in several categories that fraudsters will target during the holiday season. Unsurprisingly, fraudsters like high-value items that can quickly be sold for cash. Rolex watches and Louis Vuitton handbags were favorites along with electronics like the MacBook Air and Apple Watch. Digital goods like Best Buy gift cards, iTunes vouchers and World of Warcraft gold also will be top targets of cybercriminals during the holiday season.

Some less intuitive products and services showed up on Forter’s list, however. Services that aren’t easily monetized but that fraudsters can leverage for their own organization are very attractive targets for online fraud. Business services like hosting and logo/Website design services along with search engine optimization services are seeing a lot of recent action, according to Bill Zielke, chief marketing officer for Forter.

“It might seem strange that fraudsters would be interested in business services, but if you think of them as the professionals they are, you understand they are focused on developing their skill set,” Zielke told “They’re leveraging legitimate payment information to use hosting services and remote desktop to mask their IP address and to purchase logo and Website design enabling phishing attacks. They’re also using SEO services to legitimize fake Websites. It gives them another whole level of legitimacy from an attack standpoint.”