Flint Enables Payment through Third-Party Business Apps

March 19, 2015

Flint Enables Payment through Third-Party Business Apps Flint Mobile, a Redwood, Calif.-based company that offers mobile card acceptance to small businesses using the phone’s scanner rather than a dongle, today said it has opened the platform to third-party mobile app developers to integrate payment capability. App2App Connect will enable the developers of mobile business apps delivering CRM, mobile forms or scheduling services or business apps designed for specific verticals like plumbers or electricians to add a payment button to their apps. The button enables on-the-spot payment for small businesses in the field.

So a salesperson using a CRM app on a sales call can enter order information and accept payment at the same time rather than invoicing and waiting for a check or requiring additional hardware to accept a credit-card payment. Once the payment button is tapped, customer data is passed to the Flint app and payment details are entered using the phone’s camera and processed without the business app storing any credit-card information.

“It’s basically a very, very lightweight and simple and secure integration for this whole new breed of mobile apps to extend their user experience and extend their data intelligence to closing the loop with a completed payment,” Flint CEO Greg Goldfarb told CardNotPresent.com. “They don’t need to worry about taking on the security, they don’t need to distribute hardware. They get to leverage our user experience in a seamless way that we’ve spent a lot of time honing across all sorts of use cases.”