FIDO Adds Support for Bluetooth, NFC for Online Authentication

July 6, 2015

FIDO Adds Support for Bluetooth, NFC for Online Authentication The FIDO Alliance, a payments industry consortium developing open standards for stronger online authentication, last week added support for Bluetooth and NFC to the first version of its Universal 2nd Factor technical specification, published in December 2014 .

“The addition of NFC and Bluetooth support in FIDO U2F illustrates our commitment to ensure FIDO standards are flexible, extensible and future-proof by design,” said FIDO Alliance executive director Brett McDowell. “With this strategy, FIDO standards will continue to see accelerated industry adoption as we move ever closer to our goal of ubiquitous FIDO authentication that is more secure, private and easy to use.”

In its announcement, FIDO said the addition of Bluetooth support will enable the creation of special-purpose, U2F-compliant Bluetooth devices that require just the press of a button to authenticate to an online service. It also allows for phones and peripherals to be programmed to act as U2F devices using Bluetooth. Adding NFC to the specification will enable companies to develop portable U2F-compliant devices like credit cards and keyfobs that can authenticate an online transaction by tapping them on an NFC receiver. An NFC-capable mobile phone can be programmed to act the same way.