Feedzai Partners with Azul for Faster Decisioning

Sept. 11, 2014

Feedzai Partners with Azul for Faster Decisioning Feedzai, a Big-Data analytics company that provides antifraud technology, yesterday said it has partnered with Azul Systems to juice up its real-time data analysis enabling the company’s solution to take more data into account when deciding if online transactions are fraudulent. Under the agreement, Feedzai will leverage Azul’s Java Virtual Machine Zing that enables “ultra-fast” data processing. Zing is used by financial institutions and other companies that “require any combination of large memory, high transaction rates, low latency, consistent response times and high sustained throughput.”

While Zing makes decisioning faster for Feedzai’s merchants (providing answers in 5-10 milliseconds), where it will make the biggest difference is enabling Feedzai to apply its machine-learning technology to an ever-increasing mountain of data.

“Like anything, you reach a point of diminishing returns,” said Loc Nguyen, chief marketing officer at Feedzai, when asked how much faster you really need to be. “The real reason you need to get faster is you have more data to process, not because you want to do what you have to do faster. The difference between 10 and 20 milliseconds is the difference between processing an extra 100 gigs of data or not. If that extra data allows you to gain insight that will allow you to eradicate fraud and protect the merchant, that’s really what being faster means. It produces a better decision.”