Fed: Help Us Shape Payments and Fraud Survey

Dec. 23, 2015

Fed: Help Us Shape Payments and Fraud Survey As it has every three years since 2001, in 2016, the Federal Reserve will be conducting a payments and fraud survey for non-cash payments. Though the agency is not yet gathering responses, it has released the three separate surveys that will make up the full research effort (one aimed at depository and financial institutions ; one at networks, processors and issuers and a third that will focus on check distribution). The Fed is asking for help ensuring the surveys collect the most relevant data for each of the industries.

The agency said its aim is to collect the most accurate data it can on the number and value of payments and associated fraud across a broad array of payment channels and applications. It will collect responses early in the year, share summarized results at the end of 2016 and expects to have detailed aggregated results available in the second quarter of 2017.

The Fed is now collecting comments on the surveys’ design and using those comments to improve them. CardNotPresent.com readers in each of these categories can make comments on the surveys before January 25, 2016 via the Federal Register by clicking here .