Facebook Dips Toe into E-Commerce Again, Avoids Payments and Delivery

Facebook’s most recent foray into e-commerce—a Craigslist-like platform called Marketplace—will not facilitate payments or delivery, the company said in a blog post announcing the service’s launch. Observers have characterized the company’s efforts to leverage its platform as a place to sell online to its billion-plus users as uneven. Marketplace launched this week in Australia, New Zealand, the U.K. and the U.S. Rather than enable payment from the beginning, however, Facebook seems content to give the service room to grow before tapping into the revenue up for grabs if online payment was made part of the platform.

“I think the prevalence of Craigslist shows there’s a great need for a local commerce product,” Marketplace product manager Bowen Pan told Tech Crunch. “After we’re confident we’ve built out a great product experience for people, we’ll look into introducing businesses if it makes sense, and after that we’ll look at how we could potentially monetize the surface.”

Marketplace is available directly from the Facebook app by tapping the Marketplace icon. It is available on iOS and Android to users in the four countries listed above who are 18 years old or over.