Experian Launches Open Platform for Fraud Prevention

June 2, 2016

Experian Launches Open Platform for Fraud Prevention Information and analytics giant Experian yesterday launched an open fraud and identity platform it said will enable e-commerce merchants to easily employ a layered protection strategy, even if they want to integrate third-party fraud tools. The platform, called Experian CrossCore, provides access to multiple solutions through an API that helps companies adapt their fraud prevention response as fraudsters’ tactics and compliance rules change, according to Steve Platt, global executive vice president for fraud and identity at Experian.

“Our clients have expressed frustration over the lack of a truly holistic industry solution that delivers the level of confidence and control they need without requiring a massive multi-year project to replace everything they have,” said Platt. “New fraud threats, updates in regulatory requirements, and customer expectations for a hassle-free experience are all making it challenging for fraud and compliance teams to keep up. CrossCore will give them the flexibility they need to balance customer protection with customer experience.”