EMV: What to Expect at Crunch Time – A CNP Expo Session Spotlight

April 9, 2015

EMV: What to Expect at Crunch Time – A CNP Expo Session Spotlight When the U.K. converted to chip credit cards in the mid-2000s, fraud on card-not-present transactions in the country increased more than 350 percent in eight years. The migration to EMV and chip-enabled credit cards has begun in the U.S. In October 2015, liability for fraudulent transactions at the POS will shift from issuers to merchants, if they have not swapped out their old POS systems for EMV-compliant ones. As merchants update their POS to avoid this new liability, fraud will migrate to the weakest link: card-not-present environments. Merchants that accept e-commerce, m-commerce or phone transactions will be the main target of payment-card fraud in this country.

The coming wave of CNP fraud will be a prevalent topic at this year’s CNP Expo, with at least one dedicated panel discussion that will help merchants sort out what’s going to happen and what steps they can take to mitigate their risk. Join experts from ACI Worldwide, the Secure Remote Payments Council, Glenbrook Partners, SHAZAM Network and E Chip Miami as they share the timeline for this migration, along with data and lessons from countries that have already gone through this process. The tips you learn at this session will materially protect your bottom line as fraudsters turn their attention from the POS to online transactions.

Join this session and many more at the 2015 CNP Expo, May 18-21 in Orlando, Fla., where you will get 40 hours of professional training directly benefitting your business. Click here to register .