Email Risk Assessment Provider Nets $10 Million Investment

Emailage, a Chandler, Ariz.-based antifraud technology provider, has secured $10 million in new funding. The company said the equity investment, led by Anthos Capital along with Radian Capital, Wipro Ventures, Mucker Capital and Tallwave Capital, will enable it to continue to develop its technology and expand into markets in Europe and Latin America.

Emailage helps e-commerce merchants detect and prevent fraud by leveraging the history and other identifying characteristics associated with an email address. Because an email address is required to make an e-commerce purchase, the company said it has become a unique identifier that says as much, or more, about the person trying to conduct a transaction than any other piece of data.

“This investment will allow us to continue our rapid growth, enhance our leadership position in the online fraud detection market, and deliver significant fraud prevention capabilities to businesses around the world,” said Emailage CEO Rei Carvalho.

For merchants interested in finding out the tactics fraudsters use to with respect to email addresses in an effort to fool fraud prevention teams, will be conducting a Webinar with Emailage’s Amador Testa and former U.S. Most Wanted hacker and fraudster Brett Johnson on Thursday, Aug. 31 at 1 pm ET (Sign up for the free Webinar here). Johnson will tell the audience what criminals typically do to monetize stolen information and why email risk assessment might be one of the most important tools in their arsenal to defend themselves.

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