E-Commerce Sales in Europe Jump 13% in 2015

June 2, 2016

E-Commerce Sales in Europe Jump 13% in 2015 European consumers spent more than €455 billion ($508 billion) online in 2015, a 13 percent increase from the year before, according to a report from Ecommerce Europe. The Brussels-based trade association predicted continued growth and said e-commerce sales in the region will surpass €500 billion ($560 billion) this year with plenty of room for additional growth.

"Today, only 43 percent of the European population shop online, and 16 percent of them buy in another country," said Marlene ten Ham, secretary general of Ecommerce Europe. "Moreover, 16 percent of SMEs sell online and less than half of them sell online across borders (7.5 percent). The full potential of the European e-commerce market has not yet been reached."

Not surprisingly, the report found the U.K., France and Germany account for 60 percent of the region’s online sales. The U.K. led the way with €157.1 billion ($175.4 billion) in sales, while Germany featured the most online shoppers (51.6 million). The fastest growing e-commerce markets in Europe last year—Ukraine, Turkey and Belgium—all grew online sales more than 34 percent compared to 2014.

While growth remains strong throughout the region, Ecommerce Europe warns that legal fragmentation between countries, taxation issues and logistics problems remain challenges for e-commerce merchants selling to European consumers.