Computop Partners With ACI for Fraud Prevention

Aug. 10, 2015

Computop Partners With ACI for Fraud Prevention Late last week, Computop and payments processor ACI Worldwide unveiled a partnership under which the German PSP’s merchant clients will have access to ACI’s ReD Shield antifraud detection and prevention solution. Computop is positioning ReD Shield to its mainly European merchants as a way to avoid potential cart abandonment due to 3D Secure. Computop said transactions crossing its Paygate payment gateway will be screened using ReD Shield and, if they are low risk, can proceed without putting consumers through the extra steps called for by 3DS.

“ReD Shield adds great value to Computop’s fraud solutions,” said Ralf Gladis, CEO and co-founder of Computop. “Its in-depth statistics and manual review interface will help our customers simultaneously avoid fraud and improve conversion. What we are offering here is a contextual fraud prevention solution to help assess and act on risk factors before merchants are at the point of no return.”