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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: PAY.ON – April 30, 2015

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: PAY.ON

April 30, 2015

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: PAY.ON With new markets becoming more attractive to foreign commerce, there has been an increased interest in cross-border payments by North American companies. With less overhead than establishing brick-and-mortar businesses, the e-commerce and mobile channels are more attractive and can be used to determine the appetite that a select market has for a specific product or business model. While credit cards are accepted around the world, there is a need to accept the native currency to eliminate foreign exchange fees to cardholders, while also increasing authorizations from issuers. Also, because they are not as commonly used in cross-border commerce as they are in North America, it’s important for merchants to accept payment methods other than credit cards in many foreign markets.

PAY.ON delivers white-label global payment gateway solutions to Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs), acquirers and Payment Service Providers (PSPs), enabling them to fully outsource payment transaction processing or integrate a gateway-to-gateway solution to expand their current payment services. Their comprehensive solutions provide cross-border payment connectivity, PCI-compliant merchant boarding, industry-leading fraud prevention tools, and other state of the art functionalities.

“In addition to offering the industry’s leading payment platform, PAY.ON has the largest connected network of payment providers that is available as a white label solution. We provide technical connections to more than 250 local and international acquirers, and nearly 100 alternative payment methods,” said Michael Doron, managing director for PAY.ON America. “The continued growth of our global payment network also means that we can provide our partners with the extensive cross-border connectivity that is needed to grow their businesses both domestically and internationally.”

Having a seamless platform behind-the-scenes enables payment providers to offer cross-border payments while customizing it for their merchants, reducing merchant attrition and increasing their revenue potential. As the cross-border payments sponsor for the 2015 CNP Expo, PAY.ON is solidifying its commitment to enabling payments on behalf of payment providers and merchants internationally.

“In 2015,” Doron added, “there are huge opportunities in global e-commerce, but the right partnerships are the key to success in this highly competitive environment.”

If you are interested in learning more about PAY.ON or would like to schedule an in-person meeting while attending the CNP Expo, you can e-mail Michael Doron at .

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