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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: BlueSnap – March 30, 2015

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: BlueSnap

March 30, 2015

CNP Expo Sponsor Snapshot: BlueSnap The CNP Expo is coming in May and merchants around the world are making their plans to attend. With an increasing number of solutions and providers vying for your attention at the show, sometimes it can be daunting to find the few you absolutely need to talk to. Whether you are interested in implementing cross-border payments, strengthening your security posture, reducing fraud, implementing mobile payments, accepting bitcoin or something else, coming to Orlando with a better idea of the players will help. Beginning this week, we will be featuring some of our sponsors to help you better understand their product offerings and assist you in planning your CNP Expo experience.

E-commerce knows no borders. It enables consumers from all over the world to buy things from stores and places they have never been and may never get to. Payment methods, however, do know borders. Rarely will everyone in your target market want to pay with a credit card. And, even if they do, you also run the risk of a high rate of declines, higher interchange rates, FX fees and the list goes on. If you offer products and services outside your domestic country, it’s vital to offer localized payment methods in the local currency. Otherwise, you are running the risk of having customers who want to pay you, but can’t because you do not accept their preferred payment method, or because their credit card company frequently declines foreign transactions.

Researching each market and determining which payment methods to offer, whether you should process these natively or cross-border, which partners you should select to assist in processing each method, on your own can be daunting. BlueSnap, however, has made this process much simpler. They provide a payment gateway enabling 110 payment types in 180 countries, 60 currencies and nearly 30 languages. Accessing virtually the entire world, which would take months or even years on your own, now only takes one easy integration.

While the largest e-commerce companies have entire teams dedicated to monitoring conversion rates, decline response codes and carrying out payment optimization strategies, small and midsize companies simply don’t have the resources. Not only can BlueSnap offer those sophisticated services to companies that may not have had access to them previously, because they’re able to monitor payment success rates across all of their merchants, they also can aggregate the data and offer macro-level analysis as well.

“We see a 10 to 20 percent uplift with our merchants who switch to our smarter payment gateway because of our global payment processing capabilities, intelligent payment routing and award-winning smart subscription engine,” says BlueSnap CEO Ralph Dangelmaier.

If your company is struggling to manage multiple payment types internationally, or simply would like to increase that number of countries you are currently doing business in without a lot of extra work, check out BlueSnap at the CNP Expo. If you’d like to set up an in-person appointment, you can do so by reaching out to Peter Caparso at .

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