News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

2016 CNP Expo Session Room: Optimizing the Manual Review Process

CNP Expo Session Room: Optimizing the Manual Review Process No matter how advanced fraud prevention tools have gotten, a human review of the factors in an order is a standard layer in the CNP fraud prevention process. In a panel session at the 2016 CNP Expo on Tuesday, fraud experts from Lowe’s, GameStop,, CyberSource and Forter shared strategies for reducing manual review rates and determining when to leverage this option. While many companies rely on them and believe them to be effective, manually reviewing orders can delay delivery of goods, impact customer service expectations and increase labor costs for CNP merchants.

Calling the cardholder listed on the account can be an effective method to determine the risk of an order, but panelists noted it is very time consuming. Patrick Willette, online investigator for Lowe’s said the company only uses it as an “in case of emergency, please break glass” situation.

Merchants also discussed how they handle manual reviews during peak seasons such as holidays and spring (when home improvement projects are most popular and Mother’s Day occurs). Jonathan Baker, senior manager of multi-channel investigations at GameStop, said his company has created a strategy in which they don’t have to outsource or add additional staff even when transaction volumes are significantly higher than throughout the year.

“We also work with our promotional team to prepare for sales or new products that will increase sales,” Baker said.

All panelists agreed that the best strategy to reduce manual reviews is to layer tools and to automate as much as possible utilizing rule sets. Knowing the riskiest SKUs, times of day, and other transaction details that indicate fraud is the best way to set rules that reduce a reliance on manual reviews. As Willette summed up, “We live and die by our risk rule sets.”

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