News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

2016 CNP Expo Session Room: Mobile Payments in a CNP World Most of the public attention devoted to mobile payments has focused on POS solutions like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, but mobile has actually gotten the most traction on purchases made via app and mobile Web, according to Jane Cloninger, a director with consultant Edgar Dunn & Company and moderator of a panel today at the CNP Expo.

Leon Majors, founder and president of Phoenix Marketing International, noted that though millennials are the largest market segment using e-commerce on mobile, the fact is that “there are also lots of baby boomers getting smartphones, they just don’t use them. If you want to move more segments, YOU have to do it, you have to make it appealing and worthwhile for that market segment.”

He also pointed out that “people use the biggest screen they have access to for financial stuff. For millennials, often that is their phone. Just about everybody else uses a computer, at some point. They will often start their research or applications on mobile, then switch over to a bigger screen. But they still are using mobile as part of their purchase process.”

Cloninger raised the question of whether it is worth creating an app when studies show users spend the vast majority of their time only in their top three apps. Nathan Hodgen, mobile product manager at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, responded that he believes “it’s tricky to look at time spent in an app, because, for example, I find the grocery store valuable, but I spend as little time there as possible. And during my time there, I am spending money. What we’re looking to do is take advantage of a critical tool for consumers—mobile. It’s not about how long they spend in your app, it’s about making sure they can get what they need there and make the purchase quickly. It’s a missed opportunity if you don’t have a place for consumers to meet you on mobile.”

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