News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

CNP Expo: Now Taking the Demo Stage – May 21, 2014

CNP Expo: Now Taking the Demo Stage…

May 21, 2014

For the second year in a row, the CNP Expo invited companies from across the card-not-present spectrum to take the stage in our exhibit hall. We gave them time and space and they gave our audience 20-minute demonstrations of the most cutting-edge solutions available to card-not-present merchants.

On Tuesday, the CNP Expo’s first full day, 18 companies presented products or solutions enabling cross-border e-commerce, a frictionless retail experience, innovative payments technology and advanced fraud-fighting and authentication solutions.


Making Brazil Easier

Nicole Wickswat of EBANX touted the company’s solutions for cross-border payment processing for international merchants selling online in Brazil. With little access to international credit cards, 70 percent of the 200 million people in Brazil prefer offline Boleto Bancário cash transactions. “Brazil is the 6 th largest ecommerce market in the world,” Wickswat said. EBANX is a bridge between cash and online credit-card transactions, working as bank, processing partner and credit card conduit. The company is expanding to Mexico, Colombia, Peru and Chile.

Convert More Shoppers to Buyers With Cross-Border Payments

Ralph Dangelmaier, CEO, and Joe Twer, director of Sales, for BlueSnap said the company offers cross-border payment solutions to 5,000 merchants in 180 companies, handling 110 different payment types for any currency, payment type or device. The BlueSnap modular dashboard tracks product inventory, marketing, sales and traffic.  “You just pick and choose what you need,” Twer said.

Gateway and Global Acquiring Solutions

Kevin Goddard of GlobalOne spoke about the company’s processing gateway that handles more than 60 currencies for transactions beyond borders. “We have local knowledge on a global basis,” he said. The company offers a transparent virtual terminal that does all the order processing to accept payments from anywhere in the world.


Enable 3DS with 1 Line of Code

Travis Lee, director of product management for Transaction Network Services, revealed TNSPay, a payment gateway implemented by one line of code embedded in client websites, allowing 3DSecure implementation through the TNS servers. “The gateway is global and secure,” he said. Retailers can add currency conversion directly to the site as a revenue stream, for card-present, card-not-present and mobile transactions.

Frictionless Consumer Experience

Tara Lavelle and Mike Roche of Cardinal Commerce presented their 3DS consumer-authentication solutions. “Traditional form-based checkout is a horrible consumer experience,” said Roche, who says Cardinal’s system offers 3DS authentication for card holders of banks not participating in 3DS for a “No interruption, no friction” experience.

The Benefits of a Customized Payments Processing Platform

Jon Edelstein of Greater Than Solutions presented a primer on customer payment relationships, talking about the three levers of subscription billing services; customer acquisition, payment conveyance, and customer retention. “This is what drives market share,” he said. The Greater Than payment processing platform allows the client to own their own platform and customize to suit their business.


Twitter as A Payment Platform: turn #hashtags into profit!

Rey Pasinli, Executive Director of Total Apps Inc ., presented TWT2Pay, a hashtag Twitter payments scheme. “We’re looking at Web 3.0—social commerce,” he said.

Retailers, musicians, nonprofit groups—anyone with followers, in fact—can tweet an offer with a pair of corresponding hashtags, generating a sale in real time; the customer never leaves the twitter feed. TWT2Pay uses social media data relationships such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as a fraud scrubber.

Escardgot: Leading the Charge for Universal Cards

Tom Humphrey, the president of family-owned Escardgot , offered the Helix card for the “payment world of the future”. The generic card emulates any magnetic stripe card, consolidates credit, debit, loyalty and gift cards, and is seamlessly compatible with existing cards, managed via smart phone app. With only this virtual wallet, there is no loss associated with property or credit card theft. Humphrey said, “We’re just about ready to release our beta product” after three years of development.

Capture The Flag with O-Commerce

Greg Gresh of ZNAP North America talked about how the company can enable “omni-commerce.” Operating in 14 countries, the multi-platform solution offers an “out of store experience,” a kind of virtual shopping mall, where branded QR codes can generate sales from billboards, POS signs, geofenced offers and in-phone apps. Using proprietary coding, Gresh says, “We can stop a transaction before a fraudulent transaction occurs.”


Identity Verification Solutions from TransUnion|TLO

Thomas Ruane of TransUnion presented IDVerify Plus. Operating since 1986, TransUnion acquired TLO in 2013, offering public record database identity verification. Confirming identification via an amalgamation of credit, phone, death record, email, social media, criminal record, address, social security and name history data it uses everything from utility bills to roommates and relatives to determine credit worthiness. “It’s a deep-dive investigative tool,” Ruane said.

How to Trust Your Customer In The Online World

Michael Hagen, CEO of IDchecker, presented a cross-border ID authentication system, geared towards absolute verification in 200 countries and territories

This positive ID product conducts document validation and prepopulates ID forms via smart phone, including the “FaceLink” beta software for face comparison. Optical scanning, OCR and barcode import for passport and drivers license capture validates and authenticates personal data almost instantaneously. “From the time of upload (via phone) to completed validation is 5.8 seconds,” Hagen said.


iQ in Motion: Payments Reporting and Analytics

Vantiv/Litle & Co.’s Melissa Rabasco presented solutions from the payment processing company. Offering financial reporting, fraud management analytics and analysis of real-time transactions, Rabasco said “We want to show you the intelligence behind the payments, to take that information and turn it into action.”

Decision Manager Visual Link Analysis

Ray Heraldo offered the Cybersource Visual Link Analysis payment risk analysis tool to an audience with many questions. A visual front end for Cybersource’s Advanced Fraud Screening score system, it presents a graphic representation of the commonality of suspicious and challenged orders, a roadmap of fraud possibilities. Checking ISP, device fingerprint and credit cards relationships, it can generate a blacklist or track ID fraud. “It allows you to see how orders are tied together,” Heraldo said.


Maximize Conversion and Minimize Fraud In A Mobile World

Aaron Kline, director of payment solutions at ID Analytics ,  works for a company that helps other companies detect fraud by generating the Transaction Protector risk score. “With our always connected world comes new threats,” he said, and using the system to analyze and predict risk, recommending “a wonderful consumer experience, and a terrible criminal experience.”

Increasing Sales through Better Fraud Prevention

Don Bush talked about the fraud detection systems offered by Kount , which detects and prevents orchestrated “bot” attacks. The system detects, stops and reports fraudulent activity, with no affect on customers’ business activity, in real time. “We don’t look in the past to predict the future,” he said, “fraud happens too quickly.”

Chargeback Insurance: Never Decline A Transaction

Eido Gal presented Riskified , a chargeback insurance process for handling false positive declines and risky transactions. The in-house analytics allow merchants to decide what services to utilize when needed, completing sales that otherwise may have been lost. In an almost open source model, Riskified only charges when they successfully recommend a completed transaction. “Our sole purpose in life is to be the best fraud solution for you,” Gal said.

Is Somebody Using Your Password? Detecting Account Takeover In Real-Time

Jens Hinrichsen of NuData Security offered a behavioral fraud protection suite with live continuous analytics. The system detects online fraud of any type, both automated and manually generated, by detecting behavior that doesn’t fit the norm.

“It’s not just about fraud,” Hinrichsen said about this forensic approach to fraud detection. “Your solution is not based on rules, but adapts for each case.”

Detecting Sophisticated Web Threats with RSA

Matthew Joseff, senior technology evangelist for RSA

, says “Without context, Big Data is useless.” Conducting behavior analysis in real time to seek out risks such as man-in-the-middle and man-in-the-browser Trojan horse attacks, he says that recognizing that customers act like customers and criminals act like criminals is the first step. RSA not only alerts to fraud attempts and attacks, but allows client to inform customers that their browsers are infected.

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