CNP Expo: Manual Reviews – Getting Your Hands Dirty

May 20, 2015

CNP Expo: Manual Reviews – Getting Your Hands Dirty E-commerce fraud is not inevitable.

“A whole lot of fraud came in that we stopped,” said Harold Paulson, director of fraud risk management for North America at eBay Enterprise, during an early-afternoon session on manual reviews at the CNP Expo in Orlando, Fla. on Wednesday. “If it’s done in a very balanced and thoughtful way, it can be competitive.” Paulson also said eBay finds bulk review to be very effective when combined with other methods.

“Look at previous successes to determine what you’ll do in the future,” he added.

Having a human being physically check on an account can be a great way to interact with customers, according to Tracy Stack, international sales & order risk manager for high-end audio retailer Crutchfield. Stack joked that fraud personnel dedicated to manual reviews are “like the professional stalkers of the world trying to track things down.”  She recommends merchants use a special rule set for desirable merchandise that is more likely to be ordered by fraudsters.

“Give your team all the tools they need. Promote communication,” Paulson said. “If you’ve done that effectively, you’ll see fraud rates reduce.”