CNP Expo: Is This Seat Token?

May 19, 2015

CNP Expo: Is This Seat Token? Rick Ricker, vice president of business development for enterprise solutions at 3Delta Systems, led a Tuesday-afternoon panel discussion examining how merchants choose and implement their tokenization technologies.

Susan Wilson, manager of strategic data for used car franchise and financing provider JD Byrider, started the discussion by describing its old system, which involved phone representatives writing down credit-card numbers on post-its, then manually entering them into a machine across the room. “This two-step process led to a lot of errors and inefficiency,” Wilson said. “We needed a one-step solution that would help us be PCI-compliant and work across multiple franchises and locations, and for us, that was tokenization.”

Bell Howell also had issues with the call-center post-it scenario, according to Anubhav Gupta, the company’s IT director. For their company, he said, one of the biggest challenges of implementing tokenization was integrating it with their website. In retrospect, he said, “I would have done the tokenization first and built the website around it, because we had to go in and retrofit the site.”

ERP Manager for Omega Engineering Tom Malin said his only regret in the process was “not switching to tokenization much sooner—it would have made it much easier to be PCI compliant. It would have alleviated a lot of stress over filling out that paperwork.” He did note, however, that implementing the tokenization technology is just the beginning of being PCI compliant: “The call center personnel will still sometimes email credit-card numbers to multiple people. We are working on that as a re-training issue.”