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News, Education and Events Decoding Digital Payments & Fraud

CardinalCommerce Secures Patents for Text-Based Mobile Payments – March 23, 2012

CardinalCommerce Secures Patents for Text-Based Mobile Payments 

March 23, 2012

Remote payments technology provider CardinalCommerce has secured a patent in Australia and additional protection on an application for patent in the U.S. for its mobile products and services. Specifically, the patents cover technology involving text-based mobile payments and communicating promotional and other information via text within mobile payment systems.

While nearly all the publicity surrounding mobile payments centers on smartphone apps, serving all consumers means text-based mobile payments must be available, says Michael Keresman, CEO of CardinalCommerce.

“In order to be ubiquitous in mobile commerce, you need to be WAP, app and text compatible,” Keresman tells “Whether you’re talking about payments or even just information access, you want to make sure you can cover just about any kind of consumer.”

Keresman roughly estimates that about half of the mobile payment transactions enabled by CardinalCommerce are text-based and apps are beginning to take over. But, he adds, there are also times when text technology can be incorporated into smartphone payment apps and CardinalCommerce’s customers can offer that capability to consumers.

“We’re connected into several gift card platforms and those tend to have a lot more text functionality—what’s my balance, where’s the closest store, etc. We also do mobile marketing where text tends to be very easy to do. Text is a nice initiator of a customer relationship and allows bridges if consumers change phones or carriers.”

Keresman says the patents granted by the Australian and U.S. governments are broad and along with its other intellectual property will enable CardinalCommerce’s customers to easily adapt to technological changes.

“We have 24 issued patents and 60 pending,” he notes. “We offer what we think is the most advanced technology platforms anywhere with the ability to continue to accommodate new distribution channels, particularly the remote and card-not-present worlds, essentially future-proofing our customers.

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