Bitcoin Believers Engage Campaign to Sway Mass Market

Feb. 16, 2015

Bitcoin Believers Engage Campaign to Sway Mass Market A group of Bitcoin companies and the oldest non-profit dedicated to advancing Bitcoin technology are taking on one of cryptocurrencies’ biggest problems: consumer education. The Bitcoin Foundation, along with leading Bitcoin technology companies like BitFury and BitGo have engaged theAudience, a professional social and digital marketing firm, to run a campaign designed to educate the masses on Bitcoin and correct some of the misconceptions that have evolved through mainstream coverage of negative events.

The partnership looked at recent research that found only 10 percent of consumers were “very familiar” with Bitcoin, while nearly two-thirds were “not familiar at all,” and decided to take action.

“We are passionate about Bitcoin and the highly disruptive technology of blockchain which will have the same social, cultural and technological impact on society as the Internet did starting 20 years ago,” said Valery Vavilov, CEO of BitFury. “We selected theAudience for their ability to effectively communicate impactful stories. We trust in their ability to convey our passion, belief in the genius behind the blockchain and determination to bring the benefits of Bitcoin and blockchain to the world.”