Bigcommerce, 2Checkout Offer Integrated Cross-Border Payments to SMBs

July 9, 2015

Bigcommerce, 2Checkout Offer Integrated Cross-Border Payments to SMBs Online payment provider 2Checkout and e-commerce platform provider Bigcommerce yesterday unveiled a partnership that will make it easier for the 90,000 merchants using Bigcommerce to sell online in other countries. Bigcommerce, which plays primarily in the small to midsize merchant categories, has tapped 2Checkout to provide cross-border payment services for a class of merchant that wants, but may not know how, to engage an international audience.

“In a lot of the countries around the world, [Bigcommerce] didn’t have an integrated payment solution to offer up to merchants in 200 different countries,” said Kevin Gallagher, senior vice president of global business development at 2Checkout. “Our ability to provide multilanguage, multicurrency and all these things, help those international-based merchants sell on a global basis.”

Gallagher said the partnership ensures Bigcommerce never has to turn away a merchant based on where they’re domiciled. No matter where in the world a merchant sits, they can now use Bigcommerce and take advantage of integrated payments technology.